Founder of the Company

Derviş Kemal Deniz

Derviş Kemal Deniz was graduated from City of London Polytechnic in 1977 where he obtained a BA Honors Degree in Accountancy. After graduation Derviş Kemal Deniz worked as a trainee accountant to qualify as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Derviş Kemal Deniz established D.K. Deniz & Co. Chartered Accountants in 1985.In the following years D.K.Deniz & Co. has become one of the top accounting firms in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Derviş Kemal Deniz took active role in the establishment and administration of NGO’s in the TRNC.He was one of the founders of Association of North Cyprus Certified Accountants in 1987 and he acted as the general secretary of this Association until 1994 .Derviş Kemal Deniz was also one of the founders of North Cyprus Young Businessmen Association where he was a member of the Board of Administrators between 1989-1992.

Derviş Kemal Deniz was one of the five founding members of the Board of Trustees of the European University of Lefke in the TRNC.He has been serving as the life long member of the Board of Trustees of this University.

Derviş Kemal Deniz played an important role in the development of universities in the TRNC.He has been the financial consultant to the first private university and also he was part time lecturer in Eastern Mediterranean University,Girne Amerikan University and European University of Lefke teaching Accounting and Company Law.

Derviş Kemal Deniz was one of the members of the economic comittee of the Turkish Cypriot Community in the negotiations for reaching a political solution to Cyprus problem in 2004.

Derviş Kemal Deniz was appointed as the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Environment in 2004 which he successfully carried out until the end of 2006.During his term as the Minister of Economy he prepared laws and regulations for transforming the country’s economy from state based economy to free market economy.As a Result of active economic management the TRNC , GDP grew by 12% and 18% and 12% in the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.During his term as minister he had continous meetings and discussions with the representatives of EU member states, specially in the area of Green Line Trade and application of EU standards.

Derviş Kemal Deniz has been contributing to the economic life of the TRNC by his weekly economic newspaper articles.